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"The Learning tree has been an amazing place for my children to go to school.  My son first started here the day that it opened at a year and a half old.  From day one he was loved and treated like he was theirs.  He got snuggles when he was sad and didn’t want me to leave, and it made him feel safe and loved and was okay with me leaving.  And that is the most important thing to me.  It made me be okay with me leaving him.  He is now 4 and a half years old, super smart and loves all of his teachers and cannot wait to get to school most days of the week! 

I love that all of the teachers care for every single one of these children like they are their own.  They are patient, kind, understanding and just great at giving these kids experiences that they come home talking about after they get home from their day here.

My child would say that his favorite thing about The Learning Tree is the playground.  There is always something new, fun and exciting to play with.  He especially loves the treasure hunts to look for Gems all over the playground. His second favorite thing is circle time and how everyone gets their own job to do. 

We love The Learning Tree so much that we decided we had another child so we could keep coming here for longer! All jokes aside, my daughter is 8 months old now and loves her stroller rides, her friends and her face lights up every time she sees her teachers.  It is definitely very reassuring to me as a mother to see how happy she gets when she gets to school, even at that age."

Doug & Carissa, Parents

“My daughter, who is now two, started attending The Learning Tree about a year ago - I am so glad we found them! She has a speech delay which has been hard to navigate as a new parent, but Adair and all her teachers have been so great in accommodating her speech therapist and making sure we’re all on the same page with her development. Every day it seems like she’s learning something new, and it truly amazes me. She has come so far and now loves to count to ten and sing songs! I am never worried about her being there as I know they truly care about her safety and well-being. They give daily sheets for updates which is really helpful, and it’s great to be able to chat with her teachers at the end of the day and hear about how she did. I also love seeing pictures of her throughout the day - she’s always so happy! She can’t get out of the car fast enough in the morning when we pull in the parking lot, and never wants to come home - she just loves it there!”

Sarah, Parent

"The Learning Tree is so important to our family because it is not just a daycare center, but a truly supportive and educational environment for our daughter and for us as new parents!  They have helped us with everything from trying out different types of teethers to finding the right words to teach our 2-year-old to be patient.  I will always appreciate the day I walked in with my infant and said "I'm sorry, but I've brought you a baby who is tired, hungry, and poopy", and Ms. Katelyn just smiled and calmly replied "Good, that's what we're here for".  Every parent should be so lucky."

Danielle & BJ, Parents

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