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about us

The Learning Tree is designed for Infants to Preschool (3 years old and still working on potty training)

The Learning Tree Too is designed for Preschool (fully potty trained) to School Age. 

  • Hours 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM

  • Secure key code entry

  • Security cameras throughout the entire building

  • Over 16 acres of outdoor play space with nature trails for exploration

  • Certified Eco-Healthy

  • Digital communication app for constant in real time updates

  • Full time and Part time schedules

  • Family and Community events​

  • Garden center for children to engage in growing their own food

  • Social/Emotional development is a key component of our environment

  • Quality trained, educated and nurturing Teachers ​

  • Located 2 minutes off the Epsom Traffic Circle​

  • HUGE indoor gymnasium

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